Who we are

The Institute for Safety Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR) was established in 2009 as a partnership between Monash University, WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

The partnership is governed by the Research Institute Collaboration Agreement (RICA) and ISCRR’s primary role is to facilitate research and best practice in the areas of injury prevention, rehabilitation and compensation.

Through ISCRR, the Victorian government has invested in a broad portfolio of research focused on improving outcomes for Victorian workers, motorists and employers, in a manner that supports the financial sustainability of the state’s injury prevention and compensation schemes, and improves productivity for the state’s employers. Since 2009, this research activity has involved more than 200 research projects, with ISCRR acting as an intermediary between academics and the TAC and WorkSafe Victoria throughout the procurement, conduct and translation of the projects. As part of Monash University,  ISCRR has access to world-leading expertise to support the research agenda.

ISCRR is focused on undertaking applied research tailored to the needs of our partners, and translating it to ensure there are positive influences on the relevant services, systems and the Victorian community. To achieve this ISCRR has developed unique internal expertise and capabilities and leverages the support and expertise of Monash University to deliver outcomes for our partners.

In implementing the ISCRR approach, the underpinning principles are for the research to:
  • Be strategically aligned to the business of TAC or WorkSafe
  • Be innovative and undertaken by the best and brightest researchers
  • Be responsive and tailored to partner context
  • Be dynamic, iterative and interactive
  • Provide evidence with high utility for decision-making
  • Leverage the University-Government partnership
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Our partners and governance

ISCRR is a joint initiative of three organisations and our governance structure reflects this. We make available to our partners Australia’s leading expertise in compensation health.

Mission, goals and values

ISCRR’s mission is: to collaboratively develop, execute and translate the highest quality research which helps the TAC and WorkSafe optimise their outcomes and those of their clients.

How we work

The ISCRR approach is designed to use credible research to deliver real solutions to government and businesses and to guide projects from conception to implementation.