ISCRR is a uniquely collaborative research institute.

We are a joint initiative of three organisations and our governance structure reflects this. It has been built to facilitate ongoing dialogue between the three partners, our in-house team, and our wide-reaching research network.

Our Partners

WorkSafe Victoria

WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) is a Victorian Government-owned organisation established under the Accident Compensation Act 1985 to manage Victoria's workers accident compensation insurance scheme. WorkSafe helps to prevent workplace injuries and illness and assistsinjured workers return to work safely. WorkSafe is also responsible for enforcing occupational health and safety laws, managing the workers' compensation scheme and providing workplace injury insurance for employers.

Transport Accident Commission

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is a Victorian Government-owned Statutory Corporation established under the Transport Accident Act 1986. Its role is to pay for treatment and benefits for people injured in transport accidents and to promote the prevention of transport accidents. It is also responsible for designing and promoting early and effective medical and vocational rehabilitation for those injured as a result of transport accidents in Victoria. Funding used by the TAC to perform these functions comes from payments made by Victorian motorists when they register their vehicles each year with VicRoads. The TAC scheme is based on 'no-fault' principles with limited access to common law for those people who suffer a serious injury. The TAC works with its partners and the Victorian community to reduce the incidence and impact of road trauma by focussing on accident prevention, rehabilitation, claims management and financial management.

Monash University

Monash University was established in Melbourne, Victoria in 1958 and named after prominent Australian, Sir John Monash. One of Australia's most respected academic institutions, Monash University is an energetic and dynamic university committed to quality education,outstanding research and international engagement. The University undertakes innovative, multidisciplinary research addressing national and international priorities. With a total of eight campuses including a presence in Australia, Malaysia and South Africa and a centre in Italy, Monash pursues knowledge and solutions from a global perspective.

Our Governance Structure


The Board of Management comprises representatives from each partner organisation and one independent director.

Our current Chairperson is independent, Mr Paul Shannon. Our members are listed below.

  • Mr David Watson, WorkSafe
  • Mr Bruce Crossett, TAC
  • Professor Pauline Nestor, Monash
  • A/Prof Andrew Way, Monash

Relationship Management Committee

The Relationship Management Committee (RMC) is an important part of ISCRR's governance and provides a forum for engagement between ISCRR and senior executives of its three major partners. It is chaired by ISCRR's CEO and comprises representatives from the TAC, WorkSafe and Monash University.