ISCRR's mission is: to collaboratively develop, execute and translate the highest quality research which helps the TAC and WorkSafe optimise their outcomes and those of their clients.

ISCRR delivers value to the TAC, WorkSafe, Monash, and the public in a number of ways.

ISCRR delivers value to the TAC and WorkSafe by:

  • Delivering new insights to enable innovation
  • Positively influencing system participants by engaging them in the research activity and translation
  • Providing a resource and capability that can be directed to address complex, longer-term issues that require careful, evidence-informed responses, and
  • Assisting with the development, delivery and evaluation of programs within the TAC and WorkSafe.

ISCRR delivers value to Monash University by:

  • Building the University's capacity and capability in safety, compensation and recovery research
  • Contributing to the University's growing reputation of excellence in applied research that has a real impact on society, and
  • Providing a revenue stream that can be leveraged through nationally competitive grants.

ISCRR delivers value to the public by:

  • Helping the TAC and WorkSafe achieve their objectives of reducing workplace injury and illness, the impact of road traffic injury, improving client and injured worker outcomes and ensuring client satisfaction while maintaining financially sustainable systems, which is in turn achieved by:
    • Directly engaging with the TAC and WorkSafe, ISCRR can influence the policy and practice of those two organisations, and
    • Engaging with individuals and groups involved in the Victorian safety and compensation systems, ISCRR can influence the policy and practice of those system participants. Positive changes among those individuals and groups have an indirect but potentially meaningful impact on the TAC and WorkSafe.

While the partnership is focused on Victoria, ISCRR's research findings are of value to participants in the health, disability services and compensation sectors both nationally and around the world.