Start date: 18th Jun 2014

End date: 18th Jun 2014

Duration: 1 day

Who: Dr Mieke Koehoorn, University of British Columbia, Canada

When:  Wednesday 18th June 2014

Where: Monash Conference Centre, 30 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000

Dr Mieke Koehoorn

Dr. Mieke Koehoorn, senior scientist for the Partnership for Work, Health and Safety at the University of British Columbia and a professor in the university's School of Population and Public Health, shared examples of the contribution of research to informing workers' compensation policy and programs in British Columbia, Canada. Working with WorkSafeBC (British Columbia's workers' compensation system), the Partnership aims to advance the use of routinely collected administrative health data (linked to other databases) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public programs.

Dr. Koehoorn drew from this unique experience to share lessons learned about how research can inform collaborations between researchers and policy makers and help evaluate compensation policies and programs. Research examples included the evaluation of surgical policies (e.g. wait list incentives, private surgical clinics), workplace health and safety inspections, certification programs to reduce injuries and improve return to work, as well as the comparison of policies and outcomes across jurisdictions.  Dr. Koehoorn also holds a research chair in gender, work and health and will discuss the importance of integrating gender considerations in workers' compensation research.

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