Start date: 15th Jun 2016

Day seminar: 9am-4.30pm

Evening consumer seminar: 5.30pm-7.30pm

Location: Caulfield Hospital

Brain Injury Seminar. Save the date: 15 June 2016 These forums will provide insights to clinicians and feedback to clients on how involvement in an action-research model at Caulfield Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre unit has led to innovative models of care in rehabilitation. Topics will include strategies to improve consumer engagement in rehabilitation, using technology to support independence and translation  to  increase evidence-based rehabilitation. The program will include cross-disciplinary  expertise  and  presentations  across  three universities, clients and families, an advocacy group and TAC.

About the research

The impact that a severe acquired brain injury (ABI) has on the person, their family and community is significant. Until recently, the rehabilitation options and opportunities to maximise outcomes for people with severe or catastrophic ABI in Victoria have been restricted. A new state-wide, evidence-informed  specialist rehabilitation service for adults with severe ABI opened at Alfred Health (Caulfield Hospital) in 2014. This service provides Victoria's first centre of excellence for clients with severe/catastrophic brain injuries requiring slow stream rehabilitation and a body of research is currently underway  (led by A/Professor Natasha Lannin) to evaluate the effectiveness of this new model of rehabilitation. Researchers have just completed an evaluation of the process of establishing and developing the rehabilitation service and the evidence informed models of care embedded in staff practices. The next  phase of this research will be a thorough evaluation of client outcomes, investigating if this new model of care and support has increased client outcomes, specifically independence.

This research is part of a larger body of work which ISCRR has co-developed and delivered for the TAC under its Neurotrauma Research Program, designing, delivering and evaluating innovative models of clinical treatments, care and support for people with traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury.  A key component of this broader research is work led by Elizabeth Callaway and Rebecca Wood on the use of technology in accommodation solutions. These research projects are investigating how best to design and deliver these services, to maximise quality of life and independence for TAC clients.

For more information see our projects delivering rehabilitation interventions.

Day seminar

Clinicians, consumers, managers and carers are all welcome to attend this event. This event will also be of interest to claims workers and managers from the compensation and insurance sector.

Attendees will be able to directly hear from clients and their families about the benefits of evidence-informed care practices within the unit, as well as the benefits of being actively engaged throughout the research lifecycle. Insights could be used to inform thinking on how to further encourage innovative  evidence  models  of  care  in  other  rehabilitation services.

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Evening seminar

The evening seminar will provide a brief research summary for consumers living with an ABI and their carers.

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The evening seminar is free of charge but registration is required by email.