ISCRR today announced a new five-year strategy document for the partnership which establishes a clear framework for the vision of ISCRR as a unique research/policy partnership

The strategy describes a vision of ISCRR as a unique research/policy partnership, focussed on its three core partners but engaged with, and delivering value to, the Victorian community. It is a landmark in the evolution of ISCRR.

The new plan identifies the mission of ISCRR to:

"Collaboratively develop, execute and translate the highest quality research which helps the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and the Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA) optimise their outcomes and those of their clients."

The planning process engaged a wide range of stakeholders and provides a roadmap to implement a stronger and clearer understanding among TAC and VWA of the complexity and interconnectedness of the systems they operate.

Effective management of safety and compensation systems requires a nuanced understanding of the different parts of the system, how they interact, and how these interactions affect system-wide outcomes. ISCRR will play an important role in this space, bringing leading research experts and cutting edge methods to address these fundamental issues.

Professor Alex Collie, CEO said: "This strategy will help ISCRR demonstrate its value in many ways, delivering and translating research findings that have a positive impact. We have developed substantial research infrastructure and expertise, and built strong networks of research and policy collaborations locally, nationally and internationally."

He continued: "Strategy 2020 also places greater emphasis on engagement with the community. We understand that positive evidence-based change will be more likely to occur if we have meaningful engagement with those affected by research from the beginning of the research process. This is a foundation of implementation science, an area in which ISCRR has developed substantial expertise since our establishment in 2009. Our challenge now is to integrate this evidence into our own behavior as research practitioners."
Five themes will drive the initial focus of ISCRR's activities and research investments during Strategy 2020. These will be reviewed periodically and may be revised in response to new developments.

1. Safe and Healthy Workplaces (intersection of safety, compensation and workplace systems)
2. Evidence-Informed Claims Management (insurance and compensation systems)
3. Primary Health Care (healthcare and compensation systems)
4. Smart Independent Living Environments (disability and compensation systems)
5. Improving Trauma Care (healthcare and compensation systems)

To download a copy of the new Strategy 2020, please visit here