Research Fellows

ISCRR is advertising two exciting new research positions (one based in Geelong, one based in Melbourne), with applications closing on 22 June 2016.

ISCRR aims to conduct research aligned with compensation scheme issues and objectives, and to facilitate the translation of research evidence into policy and practice that will lead to fewer and less severe occupational injuries and illnesses  and  improved health, vocational  and  social  outcomes.

As a Research Fellow in our Data Analytics Team, you will work closely with other researchers, professional members, as well as our partners in analysis and interpretation of unique datasets including our internationally recognised database on workplace and transport accident compensation claims in  Victoria.

This role will provide you with the opportunity to utilise and strengthen your enhanced data management, analysis and related statistical and communication skills, and work closely with a range of stakeholders from our industry and academic partners to drive and leverage research projects that will  add  value  to  our  partners  and  the  community.

More information and apply

Research Fellow (Geelong) Research Fellow (Melbourne)

Contact: Dr Behrooz Hassani Mahmooei, Senior Research Fellow

Phone: +61 3 9903 8608