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09 May 2012

Return to work - world’s best research to improve knowledge

Statistics indicate that return to work rates have not improved in Australia over the past five years. What can workplaces do better to support people return to work and how can we empower workers to have more control in the return to work process. Professor Niki Ellis discusses the focus of research internationally on this issue

01 May 2012

Lessons for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Professor Niki Ellis discusses the role of research in the development of a National Disability Insurance Scheme in The Conversation. She states it may well dictate the success of the scheme.

28 March 2012

Is Australia ready for an ageing workforce?

Are older workers at greater risk of injury in the workplace? Do the consequences of injury differ for younger and older workers? Leading industry expert Dr Peter Smith addressed these and other important questions at a recent seminar.

01 January 2012

2012 Eupdates Archive

Oct 13

ACHRF 2011

The first Australasian Compensation Health Research Forum, held in Melbourne, 13 - 14 October 2011, saw researchers and policy makers come together to discuss the most important issues in compensation systems and compensation health research.