Senior Management

With a diverse range of academic and policy experience, our management team lead research and translation activity with guidance from the Relationship Management Committee and ISCRR board. The institute is current led by Professor Andrea de Silva, Chief Executive Officer.

Research Division

ISCRR has an in-house research team consisting of experts in data management and analytics, evidence synthesis and with content area expertise across injury prevention, rehabilitation and compensation systems. The research division is led by the Director of Research.

Our research division maintains several large databases and a successful program of evidence reviews. For further information on our data work, or to request a data extract for research, please review the ISCRR data access policy and email For information about evidence reviews please email

Partner Engagement Division

ISCRR's role at the interface of government, academia and the community means that we spend substantial effort engaging our partners through the research process, from development though to communication and translation of findings. This is to ensure that our investment in research achieves positive outcomes for the TAC and WorkSafe. This activity occurs in our partner engagement division, led by the Director of Partner Engagement.

Within this group, the Research Development and Operations team focusses on developing high quality, relevant projects and lead the management of those projects including reporting to partners. This team also coordinates activity across our extensive network of researchers based at Monash and elsewhere. The Research Communications and Translation team leads ISCRR internal and external communication activities, and our efforts to translate findings into real changes. For information regarding communication, events or research translation please email

Research Network

At ISCRR we work closely with a network of expert researchers based at Monash University, and at other research institutions/universities in Victoria and internationally. These research groups provide critical content area expertise and lead many of the projects undertaken via ISCRR.

Resources for this research network include our research publication policy which has been developed following broad consultation with the institute's research and industry partners. Other resources can be obtained by contacting our research development and operations team via