ISCRR has talented, experienced and knowledgeable staff from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. Meet our leadership team who are committed to delivering solutions for our partners.

Professor Andrea de Silva

Professor Andrea de Silva, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea is CEO of ISCRR and leads the Institute’s activities. Prior to commencing the role of CEO Andrea was the Director, Partner Engagement and worked closely with TAC and WorkSafe to ensure ISCRR’s research portfolio was addressing the needs of our partners. Andrea is an Adjunct Professor with the School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine and Monash University.

Andrea is a research professional who has dedicated the last ten years to applied public health research and translating research and evidence for use by government and government agencies. A key focus has been the integration of research evidence into decision-making processes and quality assurance cycles to improve systems and outcomes.

Based within the business of the end-users, adaptive and responsive engagement, communication and negotiation skills are used to foster partnerships and collaborations, deliver successful outcomes, drive innovation, and create transformative change. Prior to joining ISCRR, Andrea previously held senior academic roles at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University. Her research expertise is diverse and includes molecular biology, behavioural science, evaluation, health systems, epidemiology, public health, and community-based interventions. Her focus is on using knowledge and evidence to create transformative change in complex systems.

Andrea leverages her extensive knowledge base, established networks, and a strong sense of accountability to create strategic opportunities and deliver success. Throughout her career, she has published 147 research papers and government reports, and attracted $11M in funding from government, industry, philanthropic and academic sectors.

Frances Taylor

Frances Taylor

Director, Partner Engagement

Frances has been acting as the Director of Partner Engagement since March 2017 where she has led the development and implementation of new streamlined research management and reporting processes for ISCRR. Prior to her appointment as Director, Frances led the Research Communications and Translation team where she worked closely with the Institute’s partners to develop a program of research communication and translation activities aimed at delivering the value of the existing investment in research. This includes ISCRR’s research evidence synthesis and implementation guide processes, which are designed to leverage the evidence base for current business needs.

Prior to joining ISCRR, Frances worked as a program manager for the Victoria State Emergency Service, where she designed, implemented and evaluated evidence-based community education and engagement programs for disaster preparedness and prevention. It was during her time here that she developed an interest in the implementation of research findings in Government, and began a PhD at Monash University looking at the barriers and enablers to the uptake of research evidence in the emergency management sector. Frances holds a Bachelor of Science from the Australian National University.

Dan Pejic

Dan Pejic

Lead, Research Communications and Translation

Dan has extensive experience in strategic communication including media management, website management and more recently he has focused on research translation and communication including development of tools and products to enable evidence-based decision making. At ISCRR, Dan works closely with ISCRR’s partners to ensure research insights are delivered in an accessible, relevant and engaging way. Dan oversees the development of a variety of high quality and tailored research translation products that enhance WorkSafe and TAC’s capacity use evidence to inform their decision-making.

Prior to joining ISCRR Dan worked in a variety of health, social service and youth affairs roles, his most recent position involved communicating and translating research findings to improve the treatment of young people with mental ill health across Australia. Dan has a Bachelor of Media and Communications and a Masters of International Relations from the University of Melbourne.

John Rabling

John Rabling

Lead, Research Program Management

John has a long record of achievement in research management in the Tertiary sector. Prior to joining ISCRR, John worked for both Deakin and Victoria Universities in roles that engaged the research and consulting capabilities of each university with government, enterprise and industry.

In addition, he has over ten years' experience in the development and management of education and professional development programs for all kinds of commercial clients and partners.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts, and postgraduate qualifications in Business, Adult Education and Public Relations.

Dr Beth Costa

Dr Beth Costa, PhD

Lead, Worldwide Evidence Scanning

Beth has a history of achievement in the undertaking of reviews of the best available scientific literature in the areas of safety, compensation and recovery to meet the needs of policy makers. She produces accessible and responsive evidence review products to inform research and evidence-based decision-making.

Prior to her role at ISCRR, Beth was a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at Deakin University where she conducted research on a range of health-related topics, including diabetes management, alcohol-related violence, and health graduates’ transition into the workplace.