Compensation Systems and Processes

Compensation systems are there to help, but sometimes they need help too. ISCRR research aims to improve the way that compensation bodies operate in Victoria, by exploring scheme design, policy and practice opportunities.

Improving Compensation Systems

Safety and compensation systems are incredibly complex. They need to balance the dual objectives of providing friendly, effective and efficient service, while maintaining their financial viability. ISCRR's research directly assists Victorian systems with achieving of these goals by collating and sharing a range of information on effective system design.

Impact of Claims Processes on Recovery

The core objective of compensation bodies is to facilitate recovery and return to work, but new research suggests that claims processes themselves can significantly impact on these outcomes.  ISCRR helps compensation bodies to understand and address the effect their processes have on claimant recoveries.

Healthcare Practitioners and Providers

The relationship between compensation bodies and healthcare practitioners and providers is incredibly complex. ISCRR researchers are learning more about it, to help health practitioners and providers work in sync with compensation systems to improve claimant experiences and outcomes.