Safety and compensation systems are incredibly complex. They need to balance the dual objectives of providing friendly, efficient and effective service, while maintaining their financial viability. ISCRR's research directly assists Victorian systems with achieving these goals by collating and sharing a range of information on effective system design.

Evaluating TAC's Recovery and Independence Initiatives

In 2011, the TAC implemented a new strategy called "TAC 2015." Researchers have since assessed the impact this strategy had on TAC operation, staff, clients, and the community.

Evaluating WorkSafe's Treatment Policy Streamlining

In 2014, WorkSafe implemented a new policy, fast tracking approvals for certain procedures. This study determines the impact that policy change had on workers, healthcare providers and claims managers.

Regulation of Injury Compensation Systems

There is now substantial evidence to suggest that injured or ill workers who receive compensation most often experience poorer recovery than those with matching but non-compensable injuries. This research identifies the particular system factors that contribute to this trend.

The Cost of Pre-Injury Health Conditions

It is known that pre-injury health conditions can affect recovery after personal injury – but how do they impact on the costs incurred by compensation bodies? Should they be considered when talking about scheme viability?

Determining the Impacts of Compensable Injury

Apart from the injured person, injury can also affect family, employers, healthcare providers and others members of the community. This study sought to trace the broader community and societal impact of injury.

Disputes and Decision Making

This project will use an industry forum to investigate the main cause behind disputes within the WorkSafe claims decision making process - and will identify opportunities for minimising these kinds of incidents.

Communication Practice

Letters are often the preferred mode of communication within compensation schemes, but there has been some concern that the complexity of letters could be hindering effective engagement and influencing poor recovery outcomes. This project investigates the issue.

A History of Victoria's Workers Compensation Scheme

In recognition of WorkSafe's 25th anniversary, this study looked back over the organisation's history – to identify the impact that organisational changes had on claimants and their outcomes.

Claims Management

Claims management is a critical component across all injury compensation systems. There is now substantial evidence suggesting that differences in claims management can impede or improve recovery in claimants.