In 2010, WorkSafe celebrated its 25th anniversary, presenting an opportune moment to look back on the major changes that this body had been through – and assess how these various changes impacted on the outcomes experienced by injured or ill workers in Victoria.

Marianna Stylianou, at the time a PhD candidate at Monash's School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies, led this project.

The project's objective was to scrutinise the measures implemented by WorkSafe to reduce the social and economic impact of workplace accidents. 

To learn more about WorkSafe's history, Stylianou drew on records, legislation, video footage, and interviews with former and current staff, policymakers and clients.

It was hoped that, by gathering knowledge about these past policy changes (and the circumstances necessary for their successful implementation), WorkSafe would be enabled to make future projections and plans with greater confidence and clarity.

Where to now?

This project resulted in a report, summarising the history of Victoria's Workers' Compensation Scheme from 1985-2010.

This report tracks the impact of state government changes on the function, viability and popularity of WorkSafe – noting the particularly positive impact of organisational and marketing changes under the Labor governments of the 2000s.

Written as a 'history document,' rather than as an evaluation, this report has deliberately been made accessible not only for policymakers, but also the layperson interested in learning more about WorkSafe's rich history.