Claims management is a critical component across all injury compensation systems.  There is now substantial evidence suggesting that differences in claims management can impede or improve recovery in claimants, and in some circumstances even exacerbate mental health conditions. Effective and efficient claims management is also critical to the financial viability of compensation systems. 

Despite this, there has traditionally been little research into this crucial role. This research addresses that oversight. 

Led by Dr Sharon Newnam from the Monash Accident Research Centre, this study examines the existing literature with the objective of producing a narrative view of the practice and experiences of front-line claims managers. 

Where to next? 

The findings of this project highlight the fact that claims managers are often the first point of contact for claimants, they must coordinate the full spectrum of client care while adhering to the regulatory frameworks and report the substantial impact that social relationships can have on their daily work tasks.

They are documented in a final report. 

This review can now be used by the compensation bodies to help to understand the narrative views of the practice and experiences of front-line claim managers; and will contribute to informed decision-making in the development of policy and/or change in practice.