There is now substantial evidence to suggest that injured or ill workers who receive compensation most often experience poorer recovery than those with matching but non-compensable injuries. This research identifies the particular system factors that contribute to this trend.

Injury compensation systems are complex in nature, and there are multiple factors within such systems that could potentially impact upon the health of individual claimants. Dr Conan Brownbill explored this broad subject through his PhD thesis, supervised by Professor Graeme Hodge, the Director of Monash's Centre for Regulatory Studies.

To pinpoint the particularly influential factors within compensation systems, Dr Brownbill investigated the history of these systems both in Australian and overseas, looking at how various approaches in schemes can impact on claimant outcomes and scheme viability. This research focused specifically on how Australian compensation systems were impacted by the contribution of "policy transfer" — the spreading of policies between jurisdictions, either internationally or from one system to another within the same country.

Dr Brownbill's research concluded that policy transfer has historically made a significant positive impact on compensation systems in Australia but that governments should be mindful of bias towards certain transfer sources and processes, and maintain a rigorous approach in this area.