Evidence, Data and Translation

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of research out there, but ISCRR is dedicated to keeping evidence and data as accessible as possible - and ensuring that it can readily be transformed into action.

Evidence Review Hub

ISCRR's Evidence Review Hub oversees the production of accessible summaries of available knowledge on a broad range of relevant research topics. These reviews synthesise existing research for practitioners and policy-makers in health and compensation.

Data Hub

The ISCRR Data Hub coordinates several databases that hold vital information about health, recovery and compensation in Victoria. The information contained within these databases facilitates research, and ultimately helps us identify solutions that will lead to better outcomes for injured Victorians.

Research Translation

ISCRR staff work closely with WorkSafe, the TAC, the research community and community stakeholders to ensure that our research findings achieve 'real world' impact. This process is referred to as "Research Translation."