The amount of publicly available evidence and knowledge is ever increasing.  ISCRR's evidence reviews provide compensation bodies such as the TAC and WorkSafe with up-to-date summaries of existing research across a range of topics related to safety, compensation and recovery. These reviews are easy for health practitioners and policy-makers to digest and apply to policy and practice decision‐making to ultimately improve the health and recovery outcomes experienced by their claimants.

Policy Reviews

ISCRR's Evidence Reviews cover a broad range of topics within safety, compensation, and recovery research. Read more about some of the reviews we have completed, and their impact on policy discussion.

Clinical Effectiveness Reviews

Many of ISCRR's Evidence Reviews are classed together as "Clinical Effectiveness Reviews." These publications focus specifically on the interventions or treatments that injured people receive, to benefit both the patient and the person providing the care.

Horizon Scanning

Horizon Scanning is an innovative program of Evidence Reviews at ISCRR. This program produces a range of publications with an eye on the future of disability and health, to help organisations better prepare for opportunities and issues ahead.