How do we know what works when it comes to providing interventions or treatments for people injured by a transport accident or at work? A Clinical Effectiveness Review (CER) provides the opportunity for these questions to be answered to benefit patients and health care providers.

ISCRR's partner organisations, the TAC  and WorkSafe, use these reviews to inform their policy and practice decision‐making, and to ultimately lift the health and recovery outcomes of their claimants. 

Clinical Effectiveness Reviews are delivered as part of a program within ISCRR's Evidence Review Hub.

Where to now?

ISCRR has regularly produced CERs since 2010, predominantly in the areas of mental health and pain management.

To date, all CERs have been carried out by the National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI) in collaboration with ISCRR. These reviews have chiefly examined mental health and persistent pain, with one relevant to spinal cord injury.

Some of ISCRR's most interesting and often requested CERs have studied Implantable Pain Therapies (IPT). Two CERs carried out in this area were recently updated; Intrathecal (IT) Infusions and Neurostimulation. If you are a pain specialist, health practitioner or researcher, these reports will be of interest to you.

To view the full range of ISCRR's CERs please visit our reports and publications search and search "Evidence Reviews."

If you would like to find out more about our clinical effectiveness reviews, please make contact with our Evidence Review team on