The ISCRR Data Hub coordinates several databases that hold vital information about health, recovery and compensation in Victoria. The information contained within these databases facilitates research, and ultimately helps us identify solutions that will lead to better outcomes for injured Victorians.

Compensation Research Database (CRD)

The CRD is a unique Australian database, providing researchers with access to over 20 years' worth of information about transport and workplace injury in Victoria.

WorkHealth Database

This database contains information collected by WorkSafe during five years of WorkHealth checks. ISCRR now manages this data, and provides researchers with access to it.

ComPARE Database

Storing extensive claim information from every compensation jurisdiction in Australia and New Zealand, this database allows researchers to perform comparative studies and identify effective policies and practices.

Data Linkage

Having databases firmly established at ISCRR allows our researchers to engage in the next step of data analysis: linking these datasets to each other and/or to external sources within Victoria and Australia.