At ISCRR, ComPARE stands for Compensation Policy and Return to Work Effectiveness. This acronym is used to describe the ISCRR-managed database containing extensive information about across compensation schemes in Australia and selected countries.

The ComPARE Database is a version of the National Dataset of Compensation Based Statistics compiled by SafeWork Australia, and provided to ISCRR with the permission of the nation's workers compensation authorities. It contains information on claims made in each workers' compensation jurisdiction in Australia from mid-2003 through to 2014. In total the database includes case-level information for over 3.5 million workers' compensation claims.

The database includes fully de-identified information on the injured worker, their employment circumstances, injury, and compensation benefits and payments. The database is being used by ISCRR to undertake the ComPARE project, but is not available for broader use.

Into the future, ISCRR hopes to acquire more detailed datasets directly from individual compensation authorities themselves, and add these to the ComPARE database to improve its usefulness.

Where to now?

So far, the ComPARE project has delivered an Introductory Report.  Please visit the project page to learn more about this work.