With several databases now firmly established at ISCRR, there are new opportunities to link our platforms to each other and to other data sources held in Victoria and Australia. This opens up all sorts of new possibilities for research and analysis.

By aligning different data sets, researchers are able to better see how various factors impact on each other – and ultimately how they impact on the health outcomes for TAC, WorkSafe and their clients.

This kind of analysis has already added, and will continue to add, to our understanding of the impact that transport and workers' compensation schemes have on the recovery outcomes of injured individuals.

Where to now?

ISCRR has now been able to utilise data linkage across several of its research projects. 

Most significantly, to provide ongoing information for an evaluation of Alfred Health's Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation CentreProfessor Belinda Gabbe established the usefulness of linking the Victorian State Trauma Registry with data from the TAC and the Victorian Admitted Episode Dataset.

An innovative data link was also developed for an ISCRR project looking into the impact of pre-existing health conditions on injury outcomes. For this study, the researchers were able to gain unique insight by linking the Compensation Research Database (CRD) with data from Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

A newly launched project led by Dr Janneke Berecki-Gisolf will link ISCRR's data with data surrounding Victorian hospital admissions. This will be a significant project for ISCRR, and will be conducted over the next two years. 

New data links are constantly being established by the ISCRR Data Hub. Please watch this space for updates.