Technology is changing our world. Could we be using it to improve the lives of individuals with physical or mental impairments requiring daily care?

The TAC was invested in Residential Independence Pty Ltd – a Trust that has delivered innovatively designed and built Shared Supported Accommodation (SSA) options to TAC clients.

It has been acknowledged that technology use could vastly increase the independence of people living across all of these SSA models while maximising cost effectiveness by reducing attendant carer cost. To date, however, there has not been significant research focused on this context.

A research project run by Rebecca Jamwal from the Summer Foundation and Monash University's Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health is assessing how technology (both general, and that specifically designed for  caring)  is  currently  used  in  Victorian  Shared  SSA sector with the objective of identifying areas in need of improvement. The research team will also investigate how differences in technology variably impact upon the health and well-being of individuals specifically living in SSA.


The research team has completed the following four digital stories to show the ways that people are using assistive technologies to improve their lives.

This research is currently ongoing and, researchers in the ISCRR Evidence Review Hub continue to review developments in the field of Assistive Technology more broadly, many of which could be appropriate in the Shared Supported Accommodation context.