Assistive technology is a rapidly changing field. ISCRR's Evidence Review Hub helps compensation bodies and healthcare providers to stay on top of developments in this area by continuously reviewing evidence and research.

This process began when ISCRR researchers investigated Body Weight Supported Treadmills as a tool for helping patients with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in 2011. These treadmills train patients to walk by harnessing them above the machine and using different methods to move their legs (electronic or manual).

The Horizon Scanning program was developed in 2014, in partnership with the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health. This program broadly investigates developments in health and disability landscape, with a focus on assessing emerging assistive technologies.

These technologies are anticipated to have a significant impact on client independence, recovery, safety, function, ability to return to work and/or quality of life. They are expected to enter the Australia market within the next three years.


ISCRR releases a regular newsletter highlighting the top 10 emerging assistive technologies identified through the Horizon Scanning process.

Please read the first and second editions.

In addition, the following detailed briefs have been produced on technologies that are identified to have specific relevance to ISCRR's partner organisations, the TAC and WorkSafe: