The Health and Disabilities Strategy Group (HDSG) is a collaboration formed by the TAC and WorkSafe to engage with its healthcare service providers. Researchers looked at how to enhance this group's function by identifying international best practice in the management of performers and providers.

The HDSG was designed to support healthcare providers, toensure that TAC and WorkSafe clients are receiving high-quality and effective healthcare services.

However,  the HDSG lacked a Provider Performance Management Framework (PPMF) through which to manage the various providers involved and their ongoing performance.

This framework also encompasses factors such as the vision, team work, training, implementation strategies, feedback processes and incentives that surround a performance measuring process.

To assist in developing a PPMF for the HDSG, Associate Professor Jacinta Douglas from LaTrobe University led a research team to identify the best practice international modelsin performance management and engagement with providers.

The objective of the research was to propose models that could be used to lift the functioning of the HDSG and thus the performance of health providers, ultimately to inspire improved health outcomes, client experiences and liability savings.


This research concluded with the delivery of an external environment scan.

This scan encompasses current literature on provider performance measuring. It also features interviews with key peoplefrom within the HDSG to identify the goals of the project as well as representatives from 18 other relevant organisations.

It concludes with a recommendation that the next stage of PPMF development and implementation should involve participation from all stakeholder groups.