After injury or illness, women with children in their households Return to Work (RTW) at a much slower rate than any other demographic group. This difference was noted by WorkSafe and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). A team of researchers spoke directly to women in this situation to learn more about why this was the case.

Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher from Monash University's School of Social Science led the research team, with the objective of identifying the various social, family and gender pressures influencing RTW outcomes for women with children in their homes.

The longer term objective of the project was to use this knowledge to improve existing RTW systems.

Where to now?

This research concluded with a final report. As per the project's objective, the report identifies the key factors impacting upon RTW for this subgroup.

The report notes that household type and care responsibilities are particularly significant factors, and RTW case managers tend to overlook both of them.

Based on these findings, the researchers recommend that this sub-group would benefit from a multi-directional framework (a program that takes account of care given as well as care received) for RTW.