"Primary care" refers to the day-to-day healthcare given to an individual by a health care provider. It can be used to refer to a range of professionals, including General Practitioners (GPs) and physiotherapists. Through this research, ISCRR hopes to enhance the role that these primary healthcare professionals play in recovery and Return to Work (RTW) processes.

GPs and Return to Work

International studies have suggested that some GPs can struggle with elements of the RTW process. Local researchers spoke to GPs to determine if there is a problem in Victoria.

Certificate of Capacity

Could RTW rates be improved if GPs shifted their emphasis from what injured workers can not do, and onto what they can? A team of researchers investigated and then redesigned the certificate that GPs issue to injured and ill workers.

Health Benefits of Safe Work

The Health Benefits of Safe Work Program, a joint WorkSafe and TAC program that educates GPs about the benefits of Return to Work, and it was the subject of a recent evaluation by researchers.

Physiotherapists and Return to Work

Researchers looked at physiotherapists face barriers in facilitating the Return to Work process.

Supporting GPs in the management of mental health

This new study will develop evidence-based tools to help GPs improve their management of patients with work-related mental health conditions. Watch this space for updates.