The Health Benefits of Safe Work (HBoSW) Program is a joint initiative of WorkSafe and the TAC designed to educate and inform General Practitioners (GPs) about the benefits of injured workers returning to their workplaces as soon as it is safe to do so. In 2013, researchers evaluated the program.

Research has found that 'good' work can be good for you, andthat timely Return to Work (RTW) can speed up recovery after injury – so it is very important that GPs be involved in this process.

Led by Professor Danielle Mazza, a research team from Monash Department of General Practice is conducting this evaluation of HBoSW. It follows ondirectly from the team's preliminary research into GP attitudes to RTW.

The objectives of the evaluation are three-fold. Firstly, it will appraise the reach and engagement of the HBoSW program with GPs and otherclinical staff.

Secondly, it will evaluate reported change in GPs knowledge and other practise staff as a result of HBoSW and certification education.

And finally, the evaluation project will monitor change in GP certification behaviour following the roll-out of the redesigned certificate of capacity towork.

Where to now?

This project has produced an interim report, finding that GPs are highly cognisant of the health benefits of work but some uncertainty around completing the new certificate of capacity. The report recommends the production of a short instructional online video on the topic.

The research also indicates that GPs require greater skills in the assessment and certification of mental health, and recommends the development of national guidelines focusing on GP assessment, diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions. ISCRR has already started a coordinating anew project in this area.

Watch this space for further updates and new publications.