The most effective way to create a safe workplace is to identify and address potential hazards before anything has a chance to go wrong. ISCRR researchers are developing tools, systems, processes and protocols.

OHS Leading Indicators

This research team is developing a new method for predicting health and safety performance within Victorian workplaces. Their approach shifts focus away from past safety records, and onto current preventative measures.

Return on Prevention

Can businesses expect to benefit financially if they implement health and safety policies? To answer this question, researchers assessed ten Australian businesses and shared their findings with an international research project on the topic.

Defining "Vulnerable Workers"

When we talk about "vulnerable workers," we shift responsibility away from their employers, which is why international researchers are reassessing that we currently talk about vulnerability at work.

Hazardous Material Thresholds

This study reviews Schedule 9 of WorkSafe's Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, the section that informs the formal classification of "Major Hazardous Facilities."

Asbestos Reporting to Local Government

When businesses discover asbestos, their first action is a call to their local council. Could we reduce workplace asbestos-related risk by reassessing how these calls are recorded and responded to?