WorkSafe recently requested a review of Schedule 9 of its 2007 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulations. Schedule 9 outlines the hazardous material thresholds that determine whether or not a workplace is considered a "Major Hazardous Facility."

WorkSafe initiated the project as they were seeking to modernise and replace their OHS regulations prior to their expiry in 2017.

The review was led by Sarah Sinclair of Monash's Faculty of Engineering, and saw an expert panel assess all the chemicals and material classes featured in Schedule 9.

The panel considered Schedule 9's information in conjunction with WorkSafe's OHS Regulations Reform Project Guiding Principles and the European Union's latest directive on hazardous materials, SEVESO III.

They also assessed each chemical and material class, paying particular attention to inherent hazards and how these materials are used in a specifically Victorian/Australian context.


A final report was delivered to WorkSafe containing detailed notes on every chemical and material class featured in Schedule 9, plus recommendations from the panel.