Occupational health and safety policy has traditionally focused on injuries that we can see, overlooking critical mental health issues. ISCRR researchers hope to change that, by developing new frameworks for identifying and addressing mental health hazards at work.

Managing Workplace Stress

To assist WorkSafe in monitoring and reducing psychological stress levels in the workplace, ISCRR researchers are continuously reviewing developments in this field.

Promoting Psychosocial Health

Psychosocial health is a generic term given to the connection between mental and physical wellbeing. Researchers have been trying to identify the most effective way to promote this connection in Victorian workplaces.

Developing Mental Health Literacy

Mental health can be a challenging conversation topic, especially in the workplace. Researchers are hoping to change this though, by developing a set of guidelines designed to improve mental health literacy in Victorian workplaces.

Workplace Mental Health Interventions

Some workplaces, such as policing, have been found to be particularly stressful. This work saw a mental health intervention developed specifically for this environment.

The Link Between Musculoskeletal and Mental Health

Before they can implement new workplace initiatives based on the link between musculoskeletal and mental health, researchers are hoping to learn more about how workers currently perceive this issue.