Contemporary research recognises that Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders are often caused by complex organisational factors, yet very few organisations consider this when musculoskeletal disorders occur in their workplaces, missing out on an opportunity to instigate widespread, lasting positive change. Could this be addressed through the development of a new framework for incident reporting and investigation?

It has already been noted that health and safety incident forms do not collect information concerning system-level factors.

Preliminary research also suggests that workplace incident reporting and investigation processes very rarely consider these factors.

A research team, led by Dr Natassia Goode of the University of Sunshine Coast, is developing a  practical framework that can be applied in 'real world' office settings. This framework will help organisations to evaluate incident reporting and investigation systems, assisting to identify the opportunities to enhance them.

Download presentation: 'Learning the lessons from workplace musculoskeletal disorders'

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