Effective health and safety promotion involves a lot more than a poster in the tearoom. ISCRR researchers understand this, and are dedicated to learning more about how promotion can be effectively used to counter workplace hazards.

Evaluating Workplace Health Promotion

By analysing the data collected through WorkHealth, a program of voluntary workplace health checks, we've been able to gain great insight into the health of Victoria's working population.

Promoting Psychosocial Health

Psychosocial health is a generic term given to the connection between mental and physical wellbeing. Researchers have been trying to identify the most effective way to promote this connection in Victorian workplaces.

Mass Media Campaigns

This research team wanted to find out whether mass media health and safety campaigns were actually effective in changing behaviour.

Integrated Approaches to Worker Health, Wellbeing and Safety

The health, wellbeing and safety of workers is influenced by a lot of factors. Researchers looked at multifaceted approach to health promotion.

Safety Culture and Climate

Strong safety culture can have a huge impact upon workplace health and safety. This research aims to assist defining and discovering the concept.