There were many fantastic presentations throughout the conference, but the presentations on helping injured workers’ recovery were of particular interest to ISCRR. Three of these were from WorkSafe Victoria:

Observing the use of technology to improve injured worker outcomes and claims processes was another highlight for ISCRR. QBE Insurance gave an overview of their partnership with CLARA Analytics, to utilise an Artificial Intelligence approach to applying behavioural insights.

Their system is able to improve the identification of high-risk claims (outperforming humans), gather insights regarding medical practitioners associated with poor claims outcomes and identify claims at risk of litigation early in the claim life cycle. Their preliminary findings (n=2500) showed 48% more treatment being accessed within the first two months of a claim, a 29% improvement in capacity for work within the first two months of injury, and a greater accuracy in the prediction of risk.

Dr Ross Iles of Monash University and Tim Meadows of WorkCover Queensland both presented on the Recovery Blueprint in WorkCover Queensland. WorkCover Queensland has piloted a new approach to managing workplace injury claims which is designed to achieve better claim and return to work outcomes. WorkCover partnered with Monash University to research, design and test the approach. It was found to provide consistency of experience for injured workers.