ISCRR is immensely proud of its passionate and talented staff and we endeavour to share their achievements in this section of our newsletter. This month we are welcoming three of our newest team members: Belinda Clark, Siouxzy Morrison and Olivia Crivari.

Belinda Clark

Belinda works in the area of research and evaluation within ISCRR. She has conducted research into injury and road safety at Monash University for over 20 years.

Over these years Belinda has worked across a wide range of research programs for various stakeholder groups, resulting in substantial research experience. In her previous role at the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) Belinda specialised in researching illegal driving behaviours including drink and drug driving, driving while unlicensed, and “hooning”. Her evaluation research includes reviewing the Blood Alcohol Content legislation across Australian and New Zealand, the Alcohol Interlock Program in the ACT and the Victoria Police ANPR program.

Belinda holds a Bachelor of Social Science, Psychology (Hons.) from La Trobe University. She is a member of the Road Trauma Support Services Victoria Evaluation and Research Committee and is the recipient of their honorary Life Member Award (2020) in recognition of her contribution to their organisation and road safety. Belinda has been a member of the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee for over ten years.

In her spare time Belinda is passionate about human rights and enjoys taking walks along the beach.

Siouxzy Morrison

Siouxzy will be leading the management of ISCRR operations, project administration of internal ISCRR projects, and the end-to-end project management of externally funded ISCRR projects. Siouxzy has been welcomed as Dr Kim Pham heads off on maternity leave.

Siouxzy is passionate about supporting evidence-based research that has real world relevance and improves outcomes and impact. She has over 15 years of experience supporting and managing large complex research programs and projects, predominantly in the healthcare sector. She has a Masters of Public Health and has clinical experience working as a critical care nurse.

In her time away from work Siouxzy works on perfecting her cheesecake and baking skills, as well as growing fresh produce in her backyard.

Olivia Crivari

Olivia (Liv) is in her last semester of her Bachelor of Health Science at Monash University. She is joining ISCRR on a research placement for PBH3006 (Public Health Research Practicum). Liv enjoys cooking classic Italian cuisine with her family, with their specialty being homemade lasagne. She’s an avid reader, reading a total of 52 books last year! Her favourite genre to read is classics, with Anna Karenina being her favourite book. She loves going to museums and art galleries.

Liv is super passionate about helping people and ensuring they feel 100% safe at work, which is why she’s very excited and humbled to be doing her placement at ISCRR. We’re very excited and happy to have her join us!