Having a fruit bowl on a table at home is a known way to ‘nudge’ your family into making better snacking choices than looking in the pantry. Behavioural insights is a field that utilises research into how to influence people’s choices in decision-making in non-coercive ways and can be employed to help workers make safer choices in the workplace.

On June 22 ISCRR and WorkSafe Victoria’s Research Division presented the inaugural Thought-leadership session as a webinar on how behavioural insights from farm safety could be applied to other businesses. It was a highly successful event with two prominent thought-leaders leading the discussion:

Jacquie Cotton, from the National Centre for Farmer Health, and Sam Paul, from The Behavioural Architects, helped to field questions during the Q&A panel discussion, moderated by ISCRR’s Research Communications and Translation Manager, Dr Jimmy Twin.

It was an extremely successful event as evidenced by the feedback from the audience poll (see infographic below). This session served as a jumping-off point for further discussion on the topic of behavioural insights, and aims to inform strategic thought and direction throughout WorkSafe Victoria. Stay tuned for updates on the next Thought-leadership session.