The Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research has called for Expressions of Interest (EoIs) to undertake research for a Health and Disability Services Scanning System

ISCRR CEO Professor Niki Ellis said the aim of the future ISCRR Horizon Scanning System is to identify and track emerging issue and opportunities of relevance to compensation health. 

"It is a way of making sure our research looks forward rather than relying on studying the past," Professor Ellis said.

"Horizon scanning identifies new and emerging trends and developments which will potentially impact on the future.   

The EoI encompasses the following elements of the project: development of the horizon scanning model; piloting the proposed model; and evaluating the pilot activities.

"The Horizon Scanning System will help ensure our research is aligned with future trends so that we can proactively address issues rather than reacting to events that have already occurred."

Professor Ellis said that the Horizon Scanning System would act as an early warning alert to TAC and WorkSafe. 

"It will help both organisations develop strategies that address future needs and issues to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients and the schemes."

"The establishment of DisabilityCare Australia will lead to greater demand for services in the disability sector.

"As a result, there is an urgent need to investigate more efficient and effective models of disability support and the Horizon Scanning System will be integral to informing our research in this area."  

The specific aims, objectives, topic areas and expected use of the Horizon Scanning System will be determined with the selected research team and key stakeholders.

"Examples of potential topics include assistive technology which can lead to greater independence of people with a disability and/or pain management for people who been injured in a transport or work-related accident," Professor Ellis said.