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Since 2009, ISCRR has completed over 200 research projects for our partners. Browse our catalogues of publicly available research.

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For researchers

ISCRR provides researchers an opportunity to achieve real world impact through supporting decision makers to build evidence-based programs and policy.

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Working with us

We manage new research across the areas of injury prevention, compensation, recovery from injury, living with serious injury and returning to work. Contact us to discuss new projects.

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By Dr. Sarah Oxford, ISCRR Senior Research Officer (Evaluation). Let’s start with a scenario. Your supervisor calls and requests that you spearhead a new program targeting behaviour change among Australian citizens. They iterate that the program must be on budget,...
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By Peter Anikijenko, ISCRR Knowledge Translation Officer. Have you ever quickly checked a text message or answered a call while driving? What about the risks that are taken at work? Driving safely, including not using a phone whilst driving, is...
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By Dr Jimmy Twin, ISCRR Research Communications and Translation Manager. Why is research impact important? No matter the discipline, research is carried out to achieve some form of positive impact. This impact varies according to why the research is needed...
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