We have extensive experience managing the development, contracting and delivery of research on behalf of government and industry partners. ISCRR provides an intermediary between our partners and research bodies to broker practical, translatable research that meets the needs of all parties. We do this through understanding our partners’ business models and needs and exploring university expertise to identify and engage the most suitable academics for the project. We have developed robust and streamlined research management processes to ensure quality, proactively identify issues and keep projects on track.

How we manage research

Brokering research

Using our extensive network we identify the best available expertise to conduct research and procure their services.

Contract Management

We manage the research relationship from conception to delivery by planning, contracting, setting milestones and organising payments.

Quality assurance

Our rigorous internal quality assurance process ensures that research outputs are high quality, relevant and appropriate to the needs of our partners. As well as assessing the quality of the evidence and insights, ISCRR also ensures information is presented in a practical and understandable way.

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