ISCRR’s approach to research design is to work closely with our partners to understand the issues they are facing and the questions they seek to answer through research. Together we co-develop a research approach that is appropriate to the needs of the partners and fit for purpose. Once we have developed research questions we identify the best approach, or combination of approaches to conduct research on the timelines that suit their needs. Using our internal research capacity and our extensive academic network we ensure access to the best available expertise.

ISCRR research capacity

Evidence Reviews

We systematically collect, analyse and interpret worldwide scientific evidence to answer specific research questions. Evidence reviews equip decision makers with the best available global evidence to inform decision making.

Environmental Scanning

International industry scans allow us to identify current and emerging leading practice trends and innovations. They provide a snapshot of what other organisations are trialling worldwide to aid planning and benchmarking.

Strategic Insights

By combining rapid scans of research evidence and desktop scanning of leading industry practice, we deliver briefs to inform strategic decision making on new and emerging topics.


Evaluation includes the development of evaluation frameworks, design and delivery of evaluation research to assess the effectiveness, outcomes, impact and implementation learnings for a given program/initiative.

Data Analysis

Our expertise in data management and mining allow us to analyse and interpret large datasets and deliver tailored insights to aid decision making. We also have the capacity to link datasets to provide sophisticated analysis of complex systems and service use.

Horizon Scanning

ISCRR’s Horizon Scanning program identifies technologies that are one to three years from reaching the Australian market and provides an assessment of the evidence of their effectiveness. These scans provide decision-makers and health services with early identification of new technologies and services and ongoing monitoring of the next wave of innovation.

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