ISCRR Research Forum: Does Injury Compensation Cause Harm?

Over 150 people took the opportunity to explore the question, 'Does injury compensation cause harm?' during an ISCRR research forum on Wednesday 2 December. Those who came hoping to have their preconceptions tested and their imaginations fired did not leave disappointed.

Participants were treated to a very full program, hearing from  the following 12 presenters under a range of categories (click through to access videos):

The Impact of Compensation on the Injured Person

Impact of compensation on the injured person - Professor Ian Harris, University of New South Wales

Using registry data and patient perception studies to better understand the impact of compensation on patients' lives - Professor Belinda Gabbe, Monash University

Injury, compensation and perceptions of injustice: A pain that deserves more attention - Dr Melita Giummarra, Monash University

Impact of compensation on the injured person: Reverse causality - Professor Luke Connelly, University of Queensland

The Impact of Compensation on Others

Compensable injury and General Practice - Professor Danielle Mazza & Dr Bianca Brijnath, Monash University

Psychologists, Case Managers and Family - Professor Alex Collie, ISCRR


Where is the fair go in compensation systems? - Dr Nieke Elbers, University of Sydney

Information, advice and advocacy in compensation systems - Dr Genevieve Grant, Monash University

Systems Complexity - Dr Jason Thompson, ISCRR

Potential Solutions

Changing Claims Handling Procedures and other Interventions - Professor Ian Cameron, University of Sydney

Online provider education: the early intervention physiotherapy framework - Dr Ross Iles, Monash University

The MC for the day, Dr Anne-Marie Feyer, also moderated panel discussions, where audience members could pose questions to the panel ensuring lively discussion and debate - while Professor Alex Collie of ISCRR provided an overview and welcome for the day.  

Meanwhile, debate also ran hot online via blogs, and on Twitter under the hashtag #compforum.

ISCRR is keen to see the enthusiasm generated by the forum harnessed into action,  and early in 2016 plan to release a 'State of Science' paper which will summarise the findings of the all the presentations at the forum. From that, ISCRR is hoping to develop a series of next steps with input from a full range of stakeholder groups.

View the presentations from the Morning and Afternoon Sessions.

To read more about ISCRR's work within the compensation space, please view our research into compensation systems and processes.