Fiona Cromarty is the TAC Senior Manager, Partnerships, Strategy & Performance

Fiona joined the TAC in 1998, so this is her 18th year with the organization! She came to the TAC from the Grace McKellar Centre in Geelong, where she practiced as a Speech Pathologist in rehabilitation.

Her role at the TAC is a combination of operational and people management, with large chunks of strategic planning and solving business problems through partnerships.

Fiona enjoys the variety her role affords, and being able to bring about change that makes a real difference in the lives of those living with a disability following a motor vehicle accident. "I really like working in the research space as the TAC Relationship Manager for ISCRR, although I am not a researcher or an academic", she states.

"I am immensely proud of leading the development and implementation of the Independence Model for TAC's most seriously injured clients. This Model has helped us, to some degree, to move away from a paternalistic approach where we 'managed' clients to engaging with them in a person-centred planning process. The client's goals and aspiration are now central to how we provide support."

Reflecting on the changes she has seen during her tenure at the TAC, Fiona remarks, "When I started with TAC we operated very much as an insurance organisation, with a strong focus on managing scheme costs. Now the narrative is all about helping TAC clients achieve positive outcomes and get their 'lives back on track'!"

The best piece of advice that Fiona has been given, and passes on is, "In a business sense, if you see a gap or opportunity, grab it and make it your own."

Asked to describe herself in three words, she states, "Sociable, steady, pragmatist!"