Participants Sought for Bowel Management Study

Researchers hoping to improve bowel management after Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) have now completed safety studies, and are moving onto a new, exciting stage of work: they are recruiting participants for the clinical trial of a new drug.

For this trial, researchers from the University of Melbourne will work collaboratively with practitioners from Austin Health.

Together, they will test the effectiveness of a new drug called 'capromorelin' that stimulates the defecation centre in the lower spinal cord, which remains intact after cervical or thoracic injury.

This trial will hopefully pave the way for improved health outcomes and quality of life among individuals with SCI - as the inability to control bowel movements is one of the most distressing, and also most common, consequences of SCI.

Researchers are recruiting participants between 18 and 60 years of age, who have sustained a SCI above T12 within the last one to 10 years.

This drug will be administered in tablet form, and participants will be required to attend Ward 3North at Austin Health on several occasions. 

For further information about the trial, please contact Melinda Millard on 9496 5906 or via

To learn more about previous work in this area, please go to our Improving Bowel Management After SCI page, or read a research report about the project's animal proof of principle.