ISCRR is immensely proud of its passionate and talented staff and we endeavour to share their achievements in this section of our newsletter. This month we are showcasing our Research Communications and Translation Manager, Dr Jimmy Twin.

Jimmy oversees ISCRR’s development of a variety of high quality and tailored research translation products that enhance our partners’ capacity to use evidence to inform their decision-making and to reach research impact goals. Jimmy works closely with ISCRR’s partners to ensure both our research findings and insights are delivered in an accessible, relevant and engaging way.

Jimmy has extensive experience in the research and communication fields spanning 20 years, complemented with a diverse skill set which includes product development, web design, creative writing, event management, scientific editing and the development of database systems.

Prior to joining ISCRR, Jimmy held research translation roles with the Gastroenterological Society of Australia and Headspace, coming from a postdoctoral research position at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. There he carried out research in the fields of infectious disease and sexual health while being an Associate Editor for scientific journal BMC Infectious Diseases.

Jimmy has a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Tasmania, and a Master of Communication degree from Deakin University. In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys painting, creating comic book and animation content, and has written and illustrated two children’s books.


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