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Dr Janine McMillan (Acting Co-Director and Research Lead at ISCRR) and Nick Blackford (OHS Officer at the Australian Workers’ Union) summarise the findings of ISCRR’s Evidence Review and Environmental Scan of the adverse health risks of bitumen fume exposure to road workers, and how this research is currently changing industry practices.

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Dr Dianne Sheppard, Senior Research Fellow at the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), Professor Helen De Cieri, Director of Research in the Department of Management at Monash Business School, and Dr Sarah Oxford, Senior Researcher at ISCRR, discuss their research on work-related violence, each from a different lens.

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Dr Eric Windholz from Monash University examines the current insurance arrangements for professional athletes, the exemption from workers’ compensation of professional sportspersons in particular, and options for reform in light of the recommendations from the 2023 Senate inquiry into concussions and repeated head trauma in contact sports.

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