Magdaline Koutsaplis

At ISCRR, we like to show our appreciation for the wonderful work of our passionate and talented staff members. This month we are showcasing Dr Magdaline Koutsaplis, ISCRR Research Communications Officer.

Magdaline has a keen interest in capturing and communicating research impact. Currently, Magdaline is undertaking a research impact assessment of ISCRR projects, tracking the pathway to impact from research dissemination, utilisation and contribution towards societal change.

Prior to joining ISCRR, Magdaline worked at the Monash Research Office in grants management and later in research development. It is during this time that she gained a true appreciation of the value of research across the different disciplines and importance of effective research communication. Magdaline holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons), Bachelor of Arts and a PhD in organometallic chemistry from Monash University.

When not at work, Magdaline enjoys the serenity of the outdoors and reading a good book.


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