The focus of ISCRR over the past 12 months was on increasing the dissemination of ISCRR research, providing education and support, and guiding conversations.

Workshops on Program Logic

Program Logic workshops provide the tools for successful program implementation, while simultaneously being a useful program evaluation and communication tool.

Dr Sarah Oxford (ISCRR Senior Research Officer) facilitated several successful workshops throughout the past financial year including:

  • Priority government programs
  • Treating health practitioner reports
  • Physical Injury and Recovery

Dr Sarah Oxford also presented two seminars promoting the value of Program Logic.

ISCRR regularly facilitates workshop throughout the year.  If you are interested, please contact us.

Thought leadership and promoting research insights

The WorkSafe/ISCRR Thought Leadership sessions are opportunities to provoke new thinking and discussions on bigger picture topics that are important to WorkSafe business needs. ISCRR carried out sessions on the paradigm shift for mental health at work and lived experience.

WorkSafe have also launched a Strategic Insights Library to provide their organisation with a searchable index of research findings and insights. ISCRR has been producing insights summaries for all completed research projects.

Sharing ISCRR research

ISCRR launched a monthly webinar series on our research findings, the impact from our research and best practice management of research. To date, we have delivered six sessions on the topics of systems thinking, program logic, social prescribing, research translation, vicarious trauma and improving long-term injured worker outcomes. This year also saw the launch of a new ISCRR blog, with posts to provide additional context on ISCRR research and activities.


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