Dr Jimmy Twin joined approximately 2,000 participants from across the globe at ICOH 2024 (Marrakesh, Morocco). Dr Twin presented a poster titled ‘Impacts arising from workplace health and safety research for a government authority’ – presenting preliminary findings from an ongoing research impact audit of ISCRR research carried out for WorkSafe Victoria.

digital poster

You can read Dr Twin’s ICOH 2024 digital poster on this topic here.

A key theme from the conference was the need to balance both existing and emerging workplace challenges worldwide. Conference highlights for Dr Twin included a Global Policy Forum to discuss strategies to improve OHS policies and implementation in low- and middle- income countries, and the session on Women, Health and Work which discussed the many challenges still facing female workers globally. Included in this session was an analysis of the mental health and poor working conditions of female export zone factory workers in the Philippines (Francesca Lu Chua, S. CARRS-Q, Queensland University of Technology). In this setting, female workers comprise the majority of the workforce (90%) with the majority facing OHS hazards of back pain, heat and overwork, and poor mental health amplified in those who work nightshift.



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