As part of their professional development, our Research Communications and Translation team attended a series of research impact workshops in late April, hosted by Dr Tamika Heiden of the Research Impact Academy.

The sessions focused on how to create, capture and communicate the impacts from research, with practical activities to aid the learning throughout.

“Using a logic model to either plan ahead or retrospectively hunt for impacts in a research case study was a great way to organise my thoughts and practically move ahead with documenting impacts.”

Blaire Dobiecki, ISCRR Research Communications Officer

Clear and succinct communication was a recurrent theme in each session. Tamika detailed how to write a retrospective research impact case study by starting with a problem statement about why the research was needed. She provided multiple examples, demonstrating how to use strong and active language.

ISCRR found these sessions built upon and strengthened our existing knowledge and work in research impact. We look forward to demonstrating our learnings as we publish more research impact stories on our website in the coming months.


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