Edwina Sekine

At ISCRR, we like to show our appreciation for our talented ISCRR team members and their work. This month we are showcasing PhD candidate, Edwina Sekine.

Edwina is currently undertaking a PhD examining the relationship between injury compensation systems and recovery outcomes in people with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

FND describes a neuropsychiatric condition in which neurological symptoms cannot be explained by a medical condition. The symptoms are real and can be very distressing and functionally impactful for the person with the condition.

The focus of this research are people whose FND onset was experienced following an injury. Currently, the mechanism by which this occurs is not fully understood, but psychosocial stressors have been implicated.

Undertaking her own research gives Edwina the opportunity to transfer and complement her job skills, including data synthesis, critical evaluation, project planning and influence.

“Apart from working with wonderful people who inspire me, I enjoy being able to contribute to an empirical understanding of an important issue, enjoying the sense of discovery and creativity.” – Edwina Sekine, ISCRR PhD candidate

We look forward to being part of and supporting Edwina’s journey of discovery.


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