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Session 1: Vicarious trauma (Carmen Schroder and Grace Norrie)
Session 2: Evaluating pilot programs (Dr Sarah Oxford and Melinda Rice)
Session 3: Bitumen fume exposure (Dr Janine McMillan and Nick Blackford)
Session 4: Systems thinking (Dr Natassia Goode)
Session 4: Systems thinking (Prof Sharon Newnam)

Answers to audience questions

Session 1: Answers to questions about vicarious trauma
Session 2:  Answers to questions about evaluating pilot programs

Session 3: Answers to questions regarding bitumen fume exposure will be answered in an ISCRR Learning Series webinar on June 6, 2023.

Session 4: Answers to questions about systems thinking

Session talks on Vimeo

Session 1: Vicarious Trauma

Session 2: Evaluating Pilot Programs

Session 3: Bitumen Fume Exposure

Session 4: Systems Thinking